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Образцы выполнения заданий 37, 38 демонстрационного варианта письменной части КИМ ГИА 2023 года по английскому языку

Образцы выполнения заданий 37, 38 демонстрационного варианта письменной части КИМ ГИА 2023 года по английскому языку


Демонстрационный вариант фактически является образцом КИМа. Настоятельно рекомендуется его прорешать, чтобы примерно рассчитать свои возможности и оценить результаты и уровень знания языка. Представляем образцы базового и высокого уровня заданий письменной речи из ПЧ (образцы выполнения заданий 37, 38). На экзамене пишем одно эссе на выбор, здесь даются образцы на оба варианта.

Образцы выполнения заданий 37, 38

Задание 37

Вопросы в письме-стимуле: What’s the weather like in Russia in summer? What is your favourite season and why this one? What are your plans for the summer?

Задать вопросы другу по переписке о его дяде.

Образец выполнения:

Dear Ronny,

Thank you for your message. I’m glad to hear from you.  I’m also happy that summer has come.

Well, you ask me about summer holidays.  In summer the weather is usually warm and sunny in Russia. There can be fine drizzling, heavy showers and sudden downpours, though. Loud thunderstorms and bolts of lightning can be common too. I like summer most because I can spend time lying on the beach in the sunshine or playing board games in the hotel lounge when it rains. This summer I’m going to the Black Sea to have a good time there.

Anyway, I’d like to ask you questions about your uncle Keith. How old is he? What is he like? What is he?

I’m sorry, I have to go to the gym. Write back soon.

Best wishes,


137 words

Продолжая рассматривать образцы выполнения заданий 37, 38, мы можем переходить к заданию 38.1 и 38.2.

Задание 38.1

Название проекта: how teenagers relax after a busy day in Ourland.                                   

Ways and number of respondents (%) in the table: having a hobby (38), spending time with friends (31), sleeping (15), walking in the open air (10), eating tasty food (6).

Стандартный план, в заключении 2 последних пункта: a problem that can arise with having a rest – проблема, связанная с отдыхом; your opinion on the importance of relaxing well in our lives – твое мнение о важности хорошего отдыха в нашей жизни.

Примечание: исходим из того, что data, statistics могут быть как множественного, так и единственного числа.

Образец выполнения:

Nowadays young people lead tough life going to school and doing loads of homework. Most of them cannot even find time to relax.  At the moment I am doing a project to find out how teenagers spend their free time after a busy day in Ourland. I have found some data in the table and I am going to analyze it.

According to the statistics in the table, the teenagers name five ways to relieve after working hard during the day. 38% of the respondents have hobbies to ease. Spending time with friends comes the second with 31% of the surveyed. Only 6% of the adolescents are prone to eat tasty food to calm.

Looking at the details, one can notice that there is a big difference between the first two  chosen activities and the rest ones. Having hobbies and friends are much more popular than less active pastime like sleeping, walking and eating. Fortunately, most young people prefer active and sociable life to  low energetic ways of spare time.

Though the perspectives seem to be rather favourable, a problem can arise with having leisure time. Some people are too absorbed in studies and work, they are so goal-oriented that sometimes they completely forget about the necessity to relax. These are their parents, friends, mass media that should play the leading role in showing what a well-balanced life is like to avoid the probable upcoming trouble.

In conclusion, I believe that it is absolutely necessary to find the time to blow off steam in our lives as  rest is the foundation for success, health and happiness.

263 words

Задание 38.2

Проект на тему: why people in Ourland should study literature.                                      

Данные из круговой диаграммы: to widen horizons 38%, to escape from daily routine 23%, to learn about the past 18%, to understand human nature 12%, to discuss books with friends 10%.

Стандартный план, 2 заключительных пункта: a problem that one can face studying literature; your opinion on the importance of studying literature – выделить проблему, которая может возникнуть в ходе изучения литературы и выразить мнение о важности изучения литературы.

Образец выполнения:

Literature has always played an important role in people’s life. Currently, I am doing a project to find out why people in Ourland study literature. I have found some data organized in the pie chart, and I am going to analyze it in this essay.

According to the statistis in the pie chart, the respondents name 5 reasons to explain why they read books. Widen horizons with 38% takes the biggest piece in the chart while discussion books with friends presents the smallest pie part with 10%.

It is noticeable that the percent of the given reasons is falling gradually. There are not drastic drops except between the first and the rest of the reasons presented. A bit more people want to forget about daily routine than to learn about the past. A little less people study literature to understand human nature than those who are keen on the past. Naturally, each person chooses to read what he/she enjoys.

Though reading literature remains a popular hobby, the reason for studying books gives rise to anxieties. People are reluctant to share their knowledge acquired from books with others. The solution can be to activate the work of  public reading places both offline and online where literature lovers can exchange thoughts on the books read to get deeper understanding of the written.

In conclusion, I believe studying literature is of a vital importance for people because books is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, the resource for heated discussions and thorough reviews.

245 words


Выполнение заданий 37, 38 письменной части ЕГЭ по английскому языку требует внимательного чтения формулировок к заданиям для выполнения коммуникативной задачи, соблюдения плана изложения, использование слов-связок для связности и логики высказывания, важно соблюдение стиля, подсчет слов и грамотность. При тренировке ограничивайте время выполнения, не более 90 минут для написания двух заданий письменной речи.