Prepositions of place

Предлоги места - Prepositions of placeПредлоги места

Next to (or beside) / between / in front of / behind

The cat is next to (beside) the radiator.
The bench is between two trees.
The girls are in front of the cottage.
He is holding a bunch of flowers behind his back.

Opposite versus in front of

If someone or something is in front of a building, they are directly outside the front of it. 

The elderly couple is in front of their house.

If someone or something is opposite a building, they are outside the front of it on the other side of a street, area of land etc.

They are sitting opposite each other.

By (=next to / beside)

They are sitting by the window.

By (=next to / beside)

They are lying under the bed cover.

Above and below

The bird is flying above the water.
The plane is flying below the recommended height limit.




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Упражнения на предлоги места


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