Zero article

We do not normally use «the» with the following words:


We don’t use the definite article when we mean a way of broadcasting pictures and sounds in the form of programs that people can watch. However, when we mean a particular television set, we use «the».

What’s on television tonight? 
Can you turn off the television? I’m not watching it. 

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Have you finished breakfast yet?
Dinner is ready!

Next / last + week / month / winter / Sunday etc.

I’m going on holiday next week.
Did you enjoy the party last weekend?

We usually omit the definite article in the following expressions.

(go) to work

(be) at work

start work

finish work

Where is Sheila? She’s at work. She’s working till late this week.
I usually start work at 9 and finish at 6.

(go) to school

(be) at school

start school

leave school

Where are the children? They are still at school.
I didn’t like going to school when I was a kid.

(go) to university / college

(be) at university / college

Mike wants to go to university when he leaves school.

(go) to hospital

(be) in hospital

My elder sister caught a terrible cold last week. She is now in hospital.

(go) to prison

(be) in prison

How long has her father been in prison?

(go) to church

(be) in / at church

Mrs. Clark wasn’t at church this Sunday.

(go) to bed

(be) in bed

I’m always in bed before midnight.

(go) home

(be) at home

It’s getting dark. Let’s go home.



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Упражнения на артикли


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