We use «the» when it is clear which thing or person we mean.

What is the name of this church?
Can you tell me the time, please?
Our room is on the third floor.

We use «the» with «same», so we say the same…

We live in the same block of flats.
Is this television more expensive than that one? – No, they are practically the same price.

We usually use «the» talking about the things that are somewhat unique.

the sun

the moon

the world

the sky

the sea

the country

There is a rainbow in the sky.
Do you prefer to live in a town or in the country?

We usually use «the» talking about services working for a country, in a city, etc.

the police

the fire brigade

the army

In case of fire, you should call the fire brigade.

We normally use «the» talking about locations.

the top

the end

the middle

the left

the right

the bottom

The post office is at the end of the street.
Please fill in this form and sign at the bottom of the page.

We use «the» with the names of musical instruments.

the piano

the guitar

the trumpet

Can you play the trumpet?

We also say «the radio».

I enjoy listening to music on the radio.

We usually use «the» in the following expressions.

(go to)

the cinema

the theatre

the bank

the post office

I rarely go to the theatre. I prefer going to the cinema.
Are you going to the post office? Yes. Why? Will you post this letter for me?

(go to)

the doctor

the dentist

You look pained. You should go to the doctor.

The with geographical nouns

There are some specific rules for using «the» with geographical nouns.

We do not use the before:

names of most countries/territories

France, Italy, Mexico, Bolivia, Egypt


We do use the with plural names:

the Netherlands, the Philippines

 We do use the in names with «republic» / «states» / «kingdom»:

the Dominican Republic, the Republic of Ireland (the Irish Republic), the United States of America (the USA), the United Kingdom (the UK)

names of cities, towns, or states

Seoul, Manitoba, Miami, Cairo, Peru

names of streets

Newton Street, Highfield Road, Times Square

names of place (or person) + airport / station / university / castle etc.

Kennedy Airport, Victoria Station, Cambridge University, Westminster Abbey, Edinburgh Castle, London Zoo

names of lakes and bays

Lake Titicaca, Lake Erie


We do use the with a group of lakes:

the Great Lakes

names of mountains

Mount Everest, Mount Fuji


We do use the with ranges of mountains:

the Andes, the Rockies

names of continents

Asia, Europe

names of islands

Easter Island, Maui, Key West


We do use the with plural names:

the Aleutians, the Hebrides, the Canary Islands

We use the before:

names of rivers, oceans, seas and canals

the (River) Nile, the Atlantic (Ocean), the Mediterranean (Sea), the Suez Canal, the Amazon, the Black Sea

points on the globe

the Equator, the North Pole

geographical areas

the Middle East, the West

deserts, forests, gulfs, and peninsulas

the Sahara, the Persian Gulf, the Black Forest, the Iberian Peninsula

names of hotels / restaurants / pubs / cinemas / theatres / museums

the Hilton (Hotel), the Science Museum, the National Theatre, the Star of India (restaurant), the Odeon (cinema), the Tate Gallery (art gallery)

names with … of

the Great Wall of China, the Bank of England, the Tower of London

We also say the north / the south / the east / the west / the middle (of …)

I’ve been to the south of France but not to the north.



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