Somebody / anything / nowhere

somebody / someone = a person but we don’t know who

something = a thing but we don’t know what

somewhere = in / to a place but we don’t know where

Somebody (or someone) has stolen the money.

He’s got something in his trouser pocket.

They took this photo somewhere in the Mediterranean.

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We use –body and –one for people, so we say:

somebody or someone

anybody or anyone

nobody or no-one

There is somebody (or someone) at the front door.
Is there anybody (or anyone) at the front door?
There isn’t anybody (or anyone) at the front door.
There’s nobody (or no-one) at the front door.

We use –thing for things, so we say:




She wrote something on a piece of paper but I couldn’t read her writing.
Are you doing anything tonight? Let’s go out for a drink.
He looked at them sharply but didn’t say anything.
What did you say? – Nothing.

We use –where for places, so we say:




They live somewhere in the city centre.
Did you go anywhere interesting at the weekend?
I’m staying at home. I’m not going anywhere tonight.
Someone set fire to their house. They’ve got nowhere to live.

There are other ways to use somebody / anything / nowhere etc. You can use them with adjectives (somebody / anything / nowhere + adjective).

What about playing chess? – I’d rather do something different if you don’t mind.
Did you notice anybody suspicious when you were leaving the office?
Where are you going? – Nowhere special. I need to post some letters.

You can also use somebody / anything / nowhere etc + to …

I’m thirsty. I want something to drink.
I’ve got a problem, but I haven’t got anybody to talk to.
There is nowhere to go in this town.



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