Do or Make


Do is a general verb for actions.

Are you doing anything this weekend?
Shall I post these letters for you? – No, it’s OK. I’ll do it myself.
Moira did a lot of things yesterday.

We also ask «What do you do?» meaning «What is your job?».

– What does he do?
– He is a teacher in a school.


We use make meaning «produce or create».

She’s made some coffee. 
She’s making dinner. 
They were made in France. 
They make watches. 

Compare do and make

Moira did a lot of things yesterday. She cleaned the house, paid the bills and made dinner for the family. 

– What do you do?
– I make jewelry. I make clothes. I make toys for children.

Expressions with Do


an exam (examination) / a test

a course



(somebody) a favour


Jack is doing an English course at college.
Will you do me a favour
Sheila hates doing housework


the shopping

the washing

the washing-up

the ironing

the cooking

I did the washing, but I didn’t have time to do the ironing.

Expressions with Make


a mistake

an appointment

a phone call

a list

a noise

a bed

I want to make an appointment to see Dr. Brown.
Excuse me; I have to make a phone call
Have you made a guest list

Remember that we say make a film BUT take a photograph.

The film was made in 2006.
We took this photograph while we were on holiday on the Bahamas.  




Упражнение на do и make


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