Prepositions of Time

When speaking about dates and appointments, we use prepositions of time in the following way:


5 o’clock



I usually go to bed at midnight.



13 August

New Year’s Day

My elder brother was born on 13 August.





We always go on holiday in summer.

We say:

at the weekend

at night

at Christmas / at Easter

at the end of…

at the moment

They often go away at the weekend.
I normally sleep well at night.
People give each other presents at Christmas.
I’m taking a day off at the end of the week.
Are you busy at the moment?

We normally use «in» speaking about parts of the day:

in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening

I always feel best in the morning.
I’m extremely busy at work in the afternoon.
I sometimes go for a drink with my friends in the evening.


on Monday morning

on Tuesday afternoon

on Friday evening

on Saturday night

I’m playing tennis with James on Monday morning.
The Parsons are having a party on Saturday night.

We do not normally use at / on / in before the following words:

this…    (this morning / this weekend etc.)

last…    (last May / last year etc.)

next…   (next Friday / next month etc.)

every… (every day / every summer etc.)

Are you going away this weekend?
They got married last spring.
I’m going on a business trip next week.

We use «in» (meaning «from now») to show that something will happen after a certain period of time:

in five minutes / in a few days / in two weeks / in five years etc.

We will come and see you again in a few days.
I’m starting my new job in two weeks.




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